1. Defenestration
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Don’tcha know they’re trying to divide us
And it seems like they’re doing a good job
Race sex class illusions that unite us
Tell me
You think yours is the chosen one
We’ve got the same enemy between us
We’re both getting fucked by a government
Designed to keep us fighting each other
While they smash grab and run off with the loot

It may take us a few forevers
But eventually we might learn the truths
Like skin color is an adaptation
Ancestors from a certain latitude
And money is a masterful invention
Used to control a poor populace
And my gender is no one’s fucking business
And class is just another word that rhymes with ass

War is not a free people’s natural state
And the prison system is slavery
Consensual sex and drugs are not crimes
And alcohol is a known depressant
And the patriarchy must fucking die
We need women in all walks of our lives
And the patriarchy must fucking die
Some things rarely heard need to be said twice

And be'ng white should not bestow priv’lege
This nation was built by illegal immigrants
And genocidal and religious maniacs
We shall carry this shame until we change
I’ve lived long enough to know right and wrong
And I'm old but I’m writing this song
'Cause no one with a voice fucking will
The greed machine never gets its full fill

You’d think we’d be better educated
Not the first hate regime in history
We’ve grown comfortable and complacent
It’s time to bring back

’Cause there’s more of us than there is of them
And they’d never expect a direct hit
In a moment’s gasp it’ll all be over
Then you can watch it on the internet
And life will be so much better after
As long as we remember who we are
Beautiful people standing together
Uniting against corruption and hate

And the downpour drove harder as I dove
Deeper into this emotional role
The storm is calmer now and so am I
I apologize for all the distress
I've carried this hurt inside my whole life
I just needed a moment to scream it out
'Cause I never made a stand when I should
I did not have enough water to bloom

And when they rolled the tanks into my town
I still told myself 'They're just passing through!"
'Cause I was scared and rightfully so
And I obeyed and did as I was told
'Cause I thought I was the only one
Look at all of you here with me today
I could go on for one more forever
But I think that I’ll make it through the night
And if I never ever awaken
Light a candle December twenty-ninth