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Sirius Dirus: CD

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Sirius Dirus: CD

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This six-track production is a ukulele-based project of the characters that we created for the six dire wolves from Game of Thrones. While traveling around the country with six plushies of the wolf cubs (Summer, Nymeria, Shaggy Dog, Ghost, Lady and Greywind), a dragon named Walden and an assortment of others and props and hand puppets to boot, we created strong personalities for the dire wolf cubs and a laundry list of traits associated with each.

Light-hearted and ridiculous, each song is a theme song for one of the wolf cubs and highlights one or more characteristics that you would associate with a real wolf cub (licking, humping, sniffing, exploring, nursing, etc.) intertwined with fun anthropomorphisms. Like children, the dire wolf cubs are fairly ignorant of sex and believe the world revolves around them. And they are obsessed with boob milk.

They are completely detached from the Game of Thrones universe. We were a bit let down with their lack of screen time and character development, so we created strong personalities while on tour. Enjoy this fun, odd lot of tunes. Six high quality tracks and lyric sheet. Mixing and Mastering by Rick Delellis (Figment Mixing, Las Cruces, NM). Cover Art by Sam Arneson ( Released December 13, 2020.

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