Good Hair Day

I’m having a good hair day. No. A bad ass hair day. For us with crazy curly locks, a cool, sun-drenched low humidity day is amazing. I shaved, showered and did all the pruning and primping. Got suited up for the Frostylocks video shoot. My performance attire is so comfortable—soft, breathable cottons and aged leather. 

We went to the beach by Lake Michigan and shot a pirate-esque scene for a Faire in Las Cruces, NM. That was fun. I haven’t shot any videos for a while. And it was nice to escape my music and design studio to play music outside. My escape from music is music. I think that I may, most certainly and without a doubt, have a serious addiction. 

In my studio, I get entrenched in my music, writing and art and days slip between my fingers like grains of sand. Then I realize that it has been two weeks. I wear the same clothes so as not to waste a moment of precious arting time on deciding what to wear. I don’t even have to wear pants! I prefer stretchy, cottony, glove-fitting orgasmic tights. And sometimes I delve into Aydan’s clothing and slide on her skeleton dress. It is awesome-feeling. 

And food…I’ve been eating only when my stomach rumbles and only after it has been rumbling for a good long while so as not to break the connection or disrupt my focus. Each day I start working earlier and earlier and end later and later. The other day I woke up at 2:38AM because I had passed out from exhaustion and didn’t brush my teeth. And while I was brushing, the only thought I had was that I could get a headstart on the next day by working a few hours. 

But that doesn’t work. 

I’ve tried it before. It is unfortunate, but we have to sleep. And I have absolutely nothing against sleep. I love it. I love being swaddled in comfy blankets. And we don’t use top sheets to protect our quilts and comforters. That’s plain awful. Blankets are for snuggling. And if they wear out faster, that’s fine because I want to enjoy my blankey. Our sheets have so many holes. We use a couple at a time to cover the mattress. There is something extremely fulfilling about wearing something out. I mean totally out. To the point where it simply will not perform its intended function. 

There are so many things akin to the useless top sheet in our culture. Like socks and underwear. I don’t wear them either. Socks make my feet smell. My shoes and sandals are made by my friend and they are designed to be worn without socks. And I never liked underwear. Riding up. Riding down. Strangling me. Digging into my inner thigh. And why do waistbands have to be so bloody tight? I know I know. Underwear protects your clothes. But I have a bidet and am luxuriously clean. 

Perhaps you are finding many things that you can do without in this pandemic. Please share. That would be interesting.

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