Daily Coffee Bye-Bye, I Have Metal

It's a cloudy and cool Autumn day in Chicago perfect for spinning tunes. And I'm swaddled in comfy clothes. I made a private playlist last night: Category 13—Best Metal Performance entries. Round one voting for the Grammys has commenced. The RA gives us 13 days to listen to ALL the entries. Giving bands in my favorite category three or more spins...that eats up most of my spare time. And I'm an idealist. One of those music-brained dudes out here who thinks that music is about more than mixing quality, how much money you sink into advertising and who you know. And an annoying thing I discovered: Spotify doesn't list the lyrics! Or I'm not able to access them on my made-for-plebes account. I'm a lyric person. You could write the most hideous music, but if The Lyrics or The Story hooks me, I'm in.

I listen to the Metal entries first, and, if I have time, I check out the other categories of Rock. Rarely do I make it to Roots, although I love folk music. We used to get a month to check out the entries, and I'm hoping that one day we will have two or three months. I'd love to spend a quarter of the year enveloped in people's blood, sweat, Metal, Rock and Roots. Here's a suggestion, RA. Can you make playlists for us so we can tune in and listen rather than spend an hour or two per category setting up our own? That would be super cool.

Hey! SEPULTURA's got a tune up! Chaos A.D. was a lovely album and Arise...nothing's touching Dead Embryonic Cells. Back to java...

Coffee makes me less productive. Is this even possible, you might ask?

I love Coffee, don't get me wrong. And I feel that I am getting more done when on it; however, my experiment proved otherwise. I took a break from coffee for sixteen months. I quit last April (2019). I was on an emotional and endorphin high after staying up all night in Rush Hospital with my partner. I quit cold turkey. I began imbibing again a few months ago and noticed that my productivity has tanked. In the past ten months, I have produced seven albums and wrote a book.

August and September were low productivity months for me after coffee reentered my life. I'm two weeks behind on my next production and my writing has been off. In addition, I noticed that I am more tense and get annoyed much easier. This is from five cups of coffee per week. Sometimes I don't even finish a cup and drink the rest the next morning. The past two months have also been super emotional for me. I think coffee is the cause.

Other factors could be contributing: the pandemic, the change of seasons and being overworked. Nevertheless, I am of the opinion that coffee should be treated like cookies. Cookies are delicious. I make a batch of homemade chocolate chip yums every two to three weeks, but they are not everyday foods. Once a week or two is plenty for me. I love the smell and taste of coffee; and honestly, I love the effect. I bolt around hopped up on java juice and feel like I can conquer the world. But little gets done. Like alcohol and marijuana, coffee is a drug and the quality of my productivity tanks after just half a cup. I would never have known it since it seems like I am getting more done. But I'm not. So bye-bye daily coffee. I'll enjoy you on a crisp Sunday morning when I have nothing scheduled. Or maybe a mid-afternoon break after shooting our puppet show.

Metal is a better alternative to coffee. Oh, King Diamond...He's still making stuff? Cool.

Michael, et al.

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