The Renaissance Bard

Act Description

Frostylocks is an immersive, highly interactive roving act who performs in the lanes at Renaissance, Medieval, piratical and fantasy faires for patrons of all ages. Frostylocks has a unique story-song style of comical, inspirational and bawdy imaginations. Patrons choose a tune that peeks their interest and Frostylocks delivers a memorable performance. Then on to the next, and the next and so forth and so on until, sadly, the faire day comeths to a close. Song subject matter includes: pirates, fantastical creatures, legends, vikings, historical events, Renaissance treatments, pub tunes and bardic tales of Renaissance and Medieval characters, acts and folk that have inspired him on his Eternal Spring Parade tours around the US and Canada.

Performance Video

Watch Frostylocks on the video below at 38:50 and listen to Frostylocks's song, Faire, at 57:15 during the end credits.


Booketh the Bard



Frostylocks is accepting unsolicit'd bookings f'r Renaissance, Medieval, pyratical and fantasy faires. Sendeth thy raven and The Bard shalt quoth thee an equitable sum to conscript his living art f'r thy illustrious faire.


Chooseth Thy Sum