DIY Vocal Booth

I did a great deal of reading about various ideas for a Do-It-Yourself vocal booth before this putting this project together. And I educated myself about what is sound absorbing, or sound deadening, and what is sound proofing, or…

Our Insane 2020

Twenty-twenty was a bizarre and tumultuous year for many people; however, to us, it felt like an extended off-tour season, which means mucho trabajo. Our tours run from March to November with occasional shows in January and February. In…

Artists Of The Wall Festival 2021

June 18-20, 2021.

This festival was formed in 1993 by a group of Rogers Park neighbors in an effort to combat gang graffiti along the 600-foot stretch of seawall bordering Lake Michigan. The idea was that the seawall would be…

Burn The Bridges, Burn Them Down


Here I sit nestled in my artist world 
And what do I hear running through my mind
These words of advice
I've come to despise 

"Don't burn your bridges, son." 

What a terrible way 
To view the…