The Michaels

A brief introduction...

Michael And The Michaels is a Chicago-based multi-genre singer-songwriter and bard. Their first album was released in 2009 under the name King Kohn after playing over 150 shows in eight months at local Austin venues to gain experience as a performance artist. Their musical beginnings were highly influenced by the Dallas Deep Ellum underground rock/metal scene, and Dave Chaos’s Twisted Kicks show on 89.3 FM during the late 80s and early 90s. However, when Michael began writing music they preferred the hard-played acoustic guitar rather than the electric to project their passionate, nonconformist style.  

Michael grew up with a love for music and was encouraged by his grandfather to pursue the organ and guitar. But it was The Lyric that inspired their music. By age twelve, Michael had out-grown the local organ teacher, developed a love of the keys, started playing guitar and began composing poetry and lyrics. After high school, Michael went on to pursue two college degrees (Anthropology and Psychology), martial arts, world travel, bodybuilding and opened several business. In October 2007, Michael was ran out of business by a corrupt law enforcement regime and was forced to abandon their profession of eleven years. Determined more than ever to pursue their passions, Michael decided to become a musician and cultivate their lifelong love of music. In 2009, their first music project was released.  

In 2012, after four albums under their belt, Michael took a job offer to go on the road and work at Renaissance faires around the country for a cordwainer. The faires were only open to the public on the weekends, and this allowed Michael to work on music five days a week. In 2015, Michael booked their own Renaissance music/entertainer tour with Aydan, his partner, and together they have roved the US and Canada for eight to ten months a year since performing at Renaissance, Medieval and faires.

Today the faire circuit is one of Michael’s main performance venues; however, the COVID-19 pandemic has cancelled most of their 2020 tour and has given them the opportunity to record a staggering amount of music. Since December 2019, Michael has recorded five new albums, two remixes and has written a book. Their newest album is scheduled to begin being released October 1, 2020. Michael is currently working on two more albums, a remix, another book, an RPG module and a puppet show.